Calmness Through Movement: The Best Options for Your Daily Life 

These days, we experience a wide range of negative emotions, including anxiety, fear, and guilt. Irritation, aggression, and hatred may appear. There are constant anxious thoughts about how events will unfold, the future seems vague and uncertain. These are absolutely normal emotional reactions that should be recognized, not denied or suppressed.

This is how our psyche works; fear creates anxiety and worry, which are meant to help us find solutions and eliminate the threat. However, the only thing we can do is distract ourselves and support ourselves.

If you feel depressed, you should get your body in a state of high activity. For this purpose, any type of aerobic exercise is excellent. The fact is that exercise produces endorphins and dopamine. Just like gambling in the Crazy Time game, these hormones help you cheer up and set a positive mood.

Running and Walking

Running and walking improve your mood, give you a sense of control over your body, and have a beneficial effect on your cardiovascular system and metabolism. Moreover, jogging in the fresh air and on an unfamiliar route forms new neural connections that improve the neuroplasticity of the brain.

Morning Exercises, Dancing, and Visiting Gyms

It’s a perfectly workable way to improve your psycho-emotional state. Even watching videos where people are dynamically dancing modern or classical types of dances distracts from what is happening and increases the mood.

Moveable Games

If you have children, you can arrange sports competitions without leaving the house; for example, make an obstacle course from improvised means (pillows, chairs, puzzle mats, mop, and brooms). Kids are usually quickly involved in the process and brightly show their positive emotions, which you will involuntarily repeat, “infected” with a positive mood. And as a bonus, you will improve your relationship with your child.

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Solitude isn’t the best idea if you are in a depressed mood. Meeting with loved ones and talking about distracted topics will definitely get rid of sad thoughts. Even just being in the company of people (for example, visiting a cafe or a movie) helps.

Exclusion of Alcoholic Beverages 

The use of alcohol only aggravates the depressive state. It’s better to brew herbal tea, boil non-alcoholic mulled wine, or make a smoothie.

Ways to Relax Easier 

In cases where there are signs of anxiety or increased anxiety, consider activities that bring calmness:

  • Relaxation. The most popular relaxation techniques are breathing exercises, visualization, and meditation.
  • Taking care of your body. A string of anxious thoughts causes clamps and tension in the body, as well as the exacerbation of chronic diseases. A warm bath, shower, or any grooming treatments (massage, self-massage, masks, applying masks/creams, and scrubbing) are excellent ways to deal with this.
  • To-do completion. Write a to-do list of things you’ve been putting off for a long time, and once completed, check off or cross off that item. This way, you can shift your focus, and your self-esteem and mood will definitely change for the better.
  • Showing love. Every time we show tenderness and affection to our family and friends, play with pets, or pet them, the hormone oxytocin is released into the bloodstream. It can reduce anxiety and fear and give a sense of security. So tell your loved ones how much you love them and hug them; this way, you can support yourself and them at the same time.
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To reduce your anxiety, you need to stop constantly spinning in your head thoughts about what is happening, speculate, and defend your opinion in arguments. In this way, we only worsen our emotional state and destroy ourselves.