Starting Your Own Online Casino: This Is How to Start

Maybe starting an online casino business seems complicated, but it is not as hard as it seems. As with most processes, there is a clear set of guidelines that guide one through such an endeavor.

Following a proper set of steps and paying attention to the essential details can result in starting a successful online casino brand that will bring benefits to the operator as well as endless hours of fun and entertainment to its customers. A technical challenge and a decision that pertains to the overall size of the market, creating an online casino is not unattainable to the extent that setting up a land-based casino would be.

Preparation: Deal With the Legal Issues

Before thinking about what your online casino website would look like and what content it will provide to the public, keep in mind that your site needs a license.

That being said, a jurisdiction must be selected in order to obtain a license to operate in your desired markets covered by that jurisdiction. For example, if you decide to get a permit from the Malta regulator, know that the process can take about 6 months. Usually, it takes a few months to a year.

You must also register a company, a legal entity, and create the legal and financial infrastructure for your business. The gambling company must have a bank account and enter into agreements with payment system providers that handle the financial transactions between the casino and the customers.

If you don’t want to have excessive legal and banking hassles, you can go for a “white label” solution. This option comes at an additional cost, but provides a turnkey infrastructure and allows you to lease software along with the game license and banking capabilities from a software vendor while operating under your own brand.

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Select Software Providers

Once the legal and infrastructural issues are resolved, it’s time to engage the casino software providers and load the website with casino games. Making such decisions involves estimating the balance between the price and the quality of the software.

Here, you should consider your target audience: Who do you want to play in your casino? Games are the product players are looking for, the developers offer games that are suitable for all gamblers without exception but the thing that sets your casino apart is offering the right games to the right players. For example, real money online casinos in Kuwait offer games such as Arabic Roulette by Evolution Gaming and One 10001 Nights by Red Tiger. On the other hand, Swedish casinos focus on games like Scandinavian Babes by Play’n Go. Therefore, you should design your game package to be suitable for your target group of players.

The software vendor must also provide you with regular software and game updates, technical support, and hosting. You will be entering into a long-term partnership with one or more software vendors, so take the time to evaluate existing options before making a final decision on this matter. It is recommended to look for flexible, fully customizable software solutions that give you control and stable management.

Marketing Planning Before Launch

The success of online casinos depends heavily on marketing. It is considered a good strategy to research the competitors before starting the project as it gives you a comprehensive view of the market you are about to enter.

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When you know how they work and the results they experience, you can come up with a unique offering that attracts customers and makes them stick around.

A promising marketing strategy involves applying best practices in advertising, promotion and brand development. At this point, make sure you contact internet marketing agencies or individual marketing specialists who work in online gambling.

Look for agencies that specialize in SEO content, email marketing companies, and media sources that compile casino listings. These should be your partners.

In addition to these digital strategies, integrating targeted leaflet distribution in London can provide a tangible touchpoint with potential customers. This method can be particularly effective in areas like London, where it can reach a dense population of potential players.

Set the Budget

Determining the cost of legal issues, software and marketing should be the point where you should consider your budget, at least for some time once your operation starts.

Usually, first-time online casino owners set a budget for at least the first year of operation, while long-standing, experienced companies may do so for a longer period.

Your main pre-launch costs include setting up the business, getting the license and software, hiring staff, and coming up with a pre-launch marketing strategy.

Once the site is up and running, you’ll need to factor in the costs of running the business, paying licensing fees, software support, game providers, marketing campaigns, and staff salaries.

Website Design & Layout

It is quite important what the online casino website will look like. Investing in front-end development will potentially impact online players and make them choose the gambling site over thousands of others.

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It is recommended not to clutter the site with unnecessary images or elements that could slow down the site. Load time is critical and affects the overall gaming experience for site visitors. Similarly, the front-end should integrate seamlessly with the database.

If you are not sure how to create your front-end solution, you can turn to the software vendor, as they often have predefined templates to offer.